The Clock’s Ticking

shutterstock_260818214-webThe Clock’s ticking,
My Friend!
Just a few hours left,
Before The Divide,
After the Death of Millions,
Where many ordinary people became murderers,
Out of Jealousy,
With Lust for Power,
The Monarchy leaves the state with aghast,
One with Democracy,
The other with Militant rule!
The powerful gained,
But the will of the ordinary people,
Like me and you,
Lost in the name of Divide and Rule!

The Clock’s Ticking,
My Friend!
We lost the battle,
We have no place to hide,
We lost our true sacrifices,
During our most notable,
Non-violent movement of all time!

But, here we all are,
Rise my innocent people,
Just see the truth,
Just look into the words of two-faced crooks,
Who will loot you,
They will Build their empire out of the loot,
And people will die out of hunger,
Irrespective of the societal standard!
People will shout in terms of caste and priorities,
But not for the unity as one single community!

Well, Played Monarchy as you have won the battle!

The Clock’s Ticking!
My, Friend!
Soon, we will perish,
And nobody will be here to listen to our cries!

I, A Common Citizen,
I love my Nation,
As I always will,
My, Friend!
 People need to see the truth!

The Clock’s ticking!
My Friend!
Please help the others,
As I am running out of time,
Only you can save the nation,
But remember who we are,
We are one people,
We, the people,
We do not create The Divide,
We do not create Death,
We create peace!
We do not have a religion,
We believe in Humanity,
Were everybody needs to survive.

The Clock’s ticking!
My Friend!
The Clock’s ticking!
You have to finish your work before the divide.
You have to,
Otherwise the nation will die,
I don’t want to hear the cries of so many innocent people,
Just spread the message,
We are not a piece of meat to be burned alive,
We are the People!
We will be the people,
Where future generations will look upon us,
And feel proud about the seeds of development,
With no more hunger,
No more disease,
No more riots,
No more conflict,
Only a simple life.

Just Remember what I told you,
My, Friend!
Just Remember!
The Clock’s ticking!
My Friend!
The Clock’s ticking!

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