How Far We Have Fallen!

How far we have fallen, When we are unable to stand for each other!How far we have fallen,When we cannot bear the sight of each other!How far we have fallen,When there is a time of need,You always kept your mouth shut,Even after millions cry for help!How far we have fallen,By mistake, we chose you for … Continue reading How Far We Have Fallen!

Always With Me

When I feel so lost, I don't know, You were there, Always with me! When I find myself in times of trouble, You were there, You guide me through turmoil, Yet, Always with me! You are like the constant star, Who shines and stands strong, Always with me! I am such a fool, I fought … Continue reading Always With Me

Into the Path of Unknown – Podcast It is a poem written by me from the book, Every Frame is a Painting, which itself is a collection of short stories, poems, and plays. The book is published by Novel Nuggets. The poem expresses the thoughts of an unknown person while the person doesn't know where life is leading and realizes … Continue reading Into the Path of Unknown – Podcast