Review By Bharat Ahuja Rating 5/5 Original Link: Click Review Purchase Link: Click> The Paradise Conflict Book: The Paradise ConflictBy: Abhishek Ghosh Blurb: A QUESTION, WE ALL MUST THINK ABOUT: WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE WORLD WE KNOW WHERE WATER IS SCARCE AND PUT UNDER CONTROL BY A POWERFUL REGIME? From an unknown future, where the … Continue reading THE PARADISE CONFLICT – REVIEW #4

The Paradise Conflict – Quote 1

“Creating a division among people is to create control over people. If you control on the resources letting overconsumption on one side leads to hunger and death of the other!" - Judy, the rebel member To know the full story read the book – “The Paradise Conflict” by Abhishek Ghosh.#theparadiseconflict #thewriterslife #abhishekghoshwritemania #everyframeisapainting #monsterandtvmoviememes #TalkingPicturesTV … Continue reading The Paradise Conflict – Quote 1