The Paradise Conflict Author: Abhishek Ghosh Review by Neelam Mungekar Rating : 4/5 Click: Insta Link     ‘The Paradise Conflict’ by Abhishek Ghosh is a story that revolves around Mitra who is a bounty hunter of the Civil Imperial Regime. He is looking forward to take revenge from the rebels and looks forward to live in … Continue reading THE PARADISE CONFLICT – REVIEW #5


Review By Bharat Ahuja Rating 5/5 Original Link: Click Review Purchase Link: Click> The Paradise Conflict Book: The Paradise ConflictBy: Abhishek Ghosh Blurb: A QUESTION, WE ALL MUST THINK ABOUT: WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE WORLD WE KNOW WHERE WATER IS SCARCE AND PUT UNDER CONTROL BY A POWERFUL REGIME? From an unknown future, where the … Continue reading THE PARADISE CONFLICT – REVIEW #4

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“Long live Mother Nature!” shouts Judy. “Love Live Mother Nature!” shouts everyone including Mitra. Judy, Mitra and the Shadow Tribes, shouts the motto of the rebellion goal, to make the barren world, a flourishing one, by protecting the nature. -From the book, The Paradise Conflict. To know the full story read the book – “The … Continue reading The Paradise Conflict – Quote – 4

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“Creating a division among people is to create control over people. If you control on the resources letting overconsumption on one side leads to hunger and death of the other!" - Judy, the rebel member To know the full story read the book – “The Paradise Conflict” by Abhishek Ghosh.#theparadiseconflict #thewriterslife #abhishekghoshwritemania #everyframeisapainting #monsterandtvmoviememes #TalkingPicturesTV … Continue reading The Paradise Conflict – Quote 1