The Paradise Conflict – Quote 1

“Creating a division among people is to create control over people. If you control on the resources letting overconsumption on one side leads to hunger and death of the other!” – Judy, the rebel member To know the full story read the book – “The Paradise Conflict” by Abhishek Ghosh.#theparadiseconflict #thewriterslife #abhishekghoshwritemania #everyframeisapainting #monsterandtvmoviememes #TalkingPicturesTV … Continue reading The Paradise Conflict – Quote 1


Scared, as I am of the world! Not with the pandemic! But, with people, The violent nature of some people! Scared, as I am of the world! Scared, as I am of the world, For the people, I care, For the people, I love, For the people, I am close with! Scared, as I am … Continue reading Scared