Where do you flow?

When we are all stuck in a room,

With unfulfilled dreams and passions!


Is there a portal,

To change decisions in the past,

So that we can be forgiven for our sins!


As you have seen the world with conflict and wars,

Disease and death,

Is there a time,

Where we can survive from all such deaths?


We all have been searching for a good moment,

A good time,

But circumstances are different!

We failed to change our destiny,

As we are greedy!


Let’s wait for a moment to confess our sins,

To understand one another,

To find out flaws in ourselves,

To repair ourselves,

To repair mankind in Time.

#time #life #confession #humanity #poetry #poem

Pic courtesy: https://www.networkworld.com/article/3481602/displaying-dates-and-times-your-way-in-linux.html

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