Corporate Dilemma – Short MicroFiction Series


There is a very serious meeting is being carried out in XYZ Ltd Company. The Managing Director is not happy at all with the abysmal performance of the year and looking at the department heads with his frown eyes.

One of the employees, who is sitting close to the Managing Director, he says to him, “I think it’s important to note that we really did try hard… but unfortunately we couldn’t pick up our boots to boost the sales figure!”

The Managing Director, who is bald, angry look on his face, behind him is the sales chart which is being shown through the projector, his eyes still frowning at all the department heads from the moment the meeting started, he says, “Why don’t I just use my boot to kick all of you out?”

The other employees are not speaking a word except the wise-cracker of an employee, “For that, you have to raise your boots to kick us out of the room! But unfortunately, you failed to raise funds from the investors this year!”

“You trying to act smart!”

“I never knew that you can sense smartness in others!”

The MD looks at him dumbfounded and leaves the meeting.

The other members in the meeting looking at the wise-cracker, he says, “I think he went out to find some smartness in the fresh air but unfortunately, the outside air is too polluted to find some smartness, I presume!”

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