Dark and Emptiness

Hey, Darkness, My Old Friend!

Why did you come back to haunt our lives?

Make us feel so empty, every day!

Or is it, you were present all this time,

And we neglected your warnings!

Is it necessary that the innocent ones, suffer?

Darkness, why are you doing this?

We are empty, 

We are so empty,

That our true nature is getting revealed!

Reminding me of the dark days that we read about the medieval and ancient times!

Who we are in the end?

Which is left unanswered!

People are losing hope!

So much greed,

Too many sins, we committed! 

You, Darkness, you were always there,

To haunt us for the crimes of the few,

And the innocents cry!

But the uncommon innocents are suffering,

Please, help them! 

The doctors, the health workers, the essential employees,

Protect them! 

Protect the innocent ones!

They need the almighty to shower some hope to people,

So, that we can survive and protect our Mother!

Darkness, please let us see the light!

Let us show the way the world should be,

Let all of us be together!

Hey, Darkness! My Old Friend!

There is no need to haunt our lives,

Show us the light of Joy,

Show us the Happy life,

A life of significance,

A life of togetherness! 

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend,

I bid adieu, Darkness!

Let us find the ways of the light for enlightenment!

Darkness, My Old Friend, 

We are counting on you!

Let there be light,

Of Hope!

Let there be light,

Of Improvement!

Let there be light,

Of Enlightenment!

Darkness, I bid my final adieu, 

With my final Request!

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