Dreams – A Micro-Story

Shankar and Nandini, sitting in a café. Nandini with tears in her eyes says, “Where the hell have you been?”


“For what?”

“Meaning of life!”

“For that you abandoned me! How could you do this to me?”

“I am sorry!”


“I know! Somewhere in time, I was stupid! I couldn’t see myself what I want myself to be!”

“Is that an answer?”

“No! I could not adjust myself to the reflective tortures of society! So, I left!”

Nandini stays silent and leaves the café with anger.


“Doctor, I had a dream about Shekhar. I know he is dead in those ocean waves from where there is no return. I saw him getting drowned. But the visions of him in my dreams make me stay awake all the time. This dream, I see we are always sitting in a café, and I am fighting him all time and making him feel guilty. But he is not sorry about anything. He just in his own world. Only a glimpse of him wants to say something, but I am not letting him say. These strings of visions are trying to make me believe he is alive somewhere I don’t know. I don’t see him cry and I don’t want to turn back.”

The doctor asks Nandini, “What would he do if he was with you now?”

“I really don’t know!”

“Think about it. Close your eyes! Just breathe! Think that you are in a café with your husband with no one else!”


Nandini leaves the café. Shankar looks at her and finds a letter she left on the table. He takes a breath and starts reading it,


Out of all the grooms, I chose you. You made me feel the love the way I wanted to be. I trusted you, you trusted me. But you left. You left me and our child. You didn’t even think about us. You cannot leave anyone like this in coldness! How could you do this to us? Tell me, how could you? – Nandini”


Nandini narrates her thoughts to the doctor, “I left a letter for him”


“He reads it why I chose him over others!”

“Are you still blaming him?”


“Go back to your thoughts again, dear! You turn back and see him!”


Nandini turns as she sees Shankar breaks down with tears, “I am sorry! Forgive me, if possible! I missed you so much!”

“Can you take me with you?”

“How can I? Our child needs a mother!”

“I don’t want to leave you!”

“I never left!”

As Nandini tries to hold him, he disappears, and she wakes up in the chamber and the doctor holds her pulse. She says, “He never left!”

“How does it feel knowing him?”



“I don’t know! I need to find my purpose!”

“That is good! You are improving!”

“I need to pick up my son, now! I have to work on my pending work list!”

“Carry on with it!”

“When can I meet you again?”

“Anytime you feel comfortable!”

Nandini gets up and picks up the bag, before leaving she bids goodbye to her doctor, and he replies, “Good day, madam!”

As she leaves, Nandini thinks of buying some chocolates for her son, she thought about Shankar, she thinks of having a conversation to him in her mind as she knows him so well about the answers he will give to her by that way she can avoid the loneliness.

Shankar appears in her mind, “Hello, Nandini!”

“My love!”

“I am going to buy a box of chocolates for our son!”

“Which ones? He doesn’t like the hard ones!”

“Or an ice-cream, perhaps!”

“Oh god! Please no! I would prefer my son to have a milkshake!”

“Just like your answer!”

“Who said I was gone?”

“You never did!” She smiles by herself but covers her mouth not to reveal it to anyone. And she slowly walks towards the store to buy some and asks the shop owner for two bottles of milkshake.

Her husband in her mind says, “I am with you always!”

“I know!”

She smiles again, now the shop owner asks her, “What?”

“Nothing! Just a thought!”

She purchases the items and starts to move on with her life and tries to find happiness in little things by thinking about Shankar’s habits and answer.

The End

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