A Dream

A dream of mine,

I saw myself as a child,

How playful I am,

Walking and Talking Innocently,

Not a worry in the world!

And I turn back in that dream,

I saw someone,

An old person!

An odd feeling,

I look into his eyes,

And the ring in his hand,

A bag! It was my bag! 

My name was there,

I realised it was me!

More battered down,

White lines and White Hair,

Crooked eyes,


Always a doubt,

Fails to trust anyone in life,

With a broken heart,

And a sad feeling,

Alone in this world,

Nobody would recognize this person,

Except me!

He does not feel the same,

Due to the run-ins of the worldly affairs,

His personal and social life,

Only breathing for survival!

He looks at me,

He looks at his younger self, 

Not happy to see me!

But then he finds his childlike form, 

Blesses him from a distance and the old form of me,


Without a trace to find,

And I woke up from my dream!

And I breathe heavily! 

Such a dream,

I cannot forget,

That’s how the end of life is!

I have to find a purpose, 

A purpose, 

So, I won’t be battered down, but happy,

A life with wisdom and prosper. 

That’s my purpose. 

I have to change my fate,

Maybe that was the my old self was trying to convey,

The energy of a child and the wisdom of an old,

That’s how you balance!

That’s how it is and always will be!



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