My Conscious

“You scared?”

My conscious asked me!

I stayed calm but feeling nervous at the same moment!

I don’t wanna feel scared!

I have come this far, 

With my parents support,

I shouldn’t be scared,

It’s time for me to become the person,

I wanted to become.

“Facing troubles?”

My conscious asked me!

I always face troubles, 

Sometimes I react to situations in an incorrect manner!

But, I wanna improve, 

I wanna change,

There is a way, 

There is no turning back!

“Are you the same child?”

My conscious asked me, again!

I am not anymore, but sometimes at heart!

Maybe it’s time to shade of all the childishness,

For which people took undue advantage of it!

But, the innocent moments,

Will never be the same,

Those joyous moments,

Which I always used to feel!

“Can you fight?”

My conscious ask me for the final time!

I believe, I can!

I can always fight for what I believe in,


Always will, 

I never turn back,

Unconsciously, I easily move on from one thing to the other!

Now, it’s time to fight a bigger battle!

This is the stage,

I have my will to act!

Always, Always will be!



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