When Our Eyes Met

There was this time,

I saw your deep, dark eyes

While you were sitting on your seat,

In a metro train,

Innocent and lovely,

You were reading a notebook,

Maybe for an interview or an exam,

And I was looking for a job desperately,

Tired and Alone!

But you looked, refreshing,

Something, that attracted me!

You raised your head for a moment,

I was standing opposite towards the gate,

And our eyes met!

We looked into each other for a moment,

And then you moved your head back,

To your notebook, again!

But you were smiling!

I couldn’t let my eyes off you!

Out of fear, I turned and seeing the other passengers.

Then, I turned back to see you and you were looking at me!

I got scared but wanted to speak to you,

Those long hair of yours,


I got infatuated by you at that moment,

You started playing with your hair!

We were continuously looking into each other,

I don’t know!

It felt like,

I was waiting for someone like you to meet,

But, in the end, nothing happened!

There was a stop,

Next station!

You got up,

You walked past me,

Played with your hair again,

And you got down!

And we never met again!

But, those eyes of yours,

Those queen eyes!

Lost in the crowded motion of a city!

Picture Source Movie: Your Name.

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