Micro Fiction Series: The Hiroki Stories: Hiroki’s Lunch – First Story

There was this particular child who always has this wonder in his eyes to everything, always playful and had a deep bonding in him towards everybody. He was shy, but once he opens up to others he used to play like anything. His name was Hiroki. An unusual name for an Indian Kid having a Japanese name.

His parents were the intellectual ones, and his father, a lecturer, spent a few years in Japan, so to remember that place he named his son with such a name. Hiroki’s mother, a surgeon, and well known throughout India.

None of this, mattered to him, as long as his parents were around him and he used to play with them. He played with his toys, football, cricket, and everything. Even when he was growing up, he used to believe in people like anything, but once there was this betrayal in his life that changed his mind forever.

Every morning, his mother used to cook him food and pack it into his lunch box. The lunchbox had a Spider-Man sticker and Hiroki always loved spider-man. He used to jump around with his small legs here and there in the house on the ground and imitate like Spider-Man. (I have a secret to tell, even while being a grown-up, even I have imitated the same… I know, I was kiddish… something tells me, I shouldn’t have said that… but well Spidey, is always relatable).

He went to school by school-bus and attends the morning prayer and the class starts and he sometimes feels sleepy and at times hungry too. For him, he started to learn time through the number of bells rang before lunch and before the school break. For lunch, there were four bells and for the other, there were three bells.

As soon as the fourth bell rang, he smiled like anything and took out his lunch box. But he remembered something, he forgot to wash his hands. So, he puts it back into his bag, goes to the washroom, but it took him longer than usual due to a large number of kids in the school and bullies too… which he always avoid. He washes his hand quickly, comes back to his classroom and he is astounded by the view. The class bullies along with his best friends have finished eating his lunch without living a piece of food for him and they laugh at him. Laugh at him like anything, he looks at his best friend, who was also laughing. He looks at him with anger and wants to hit him but one of the bullies comes forward and pushes him to the ground and his shirt gets dirty. He feels sad. He sits in the corner of the classroom on the floor alone, as all the bullies, his friend, and the other students have left the classroom. He cries, he is hungry, and he is angry.  He hugs his lunch box into his chest and wants to feel like spidey to punish them like anything. But, he will not do… His mother taught him, “Troubles makes you strong, it always does and it always will. There will come a time, you will answer them back with your strengths.”

The young class teacher and sees him in this condition. She asks him,

“What happened, my child?”

He does not say anything. She brings out a chocolate bar and a fruit cake to him. He looks at it with that hunger look and wants to eat it. She gives it to him, “You must be very, very hungry… eat Hiroki… eat… and why are you sitting here… go back to your seat… wouldn’t your mother scold you making your shirts dirty, huh!”

Hiroki smiles at her and she rubs his head with a bit of motherly affection. She goes out of the classroom and he eats the cake and the chocolate bar with a bit of happiness. He thought, as soon as he reaches home, he will tell about the kind teacher who gave him a chocolate and a cake.


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