Opinion – In an Orwellian Society

My Dear People,
Do you have an opinion?
Unfortunately, I have lost mine to express!

My Dear People,
Have you been incarcerated?
Unfortunately, I am on the verge of it!

In the End,
Thou opinion matters not,
Yet, honour of lies over truth matters!

To maintain the lie,
Many people have been incarcerated,
Many people died for searching truth!

Yet, we blindly follow those,
Who are show-offs,
Who are fools,
Who are Crazy,
Who are Psychopaths,
And the Power Hungry!

As, I am Deformed, unfinish’d,
Sent into this breathing world,
Scarce half made up,
And that so lamely and unfashionable,
That some unruly bark at me as I halt by them.

Therefore, since I cannot be a follower of anyone,
As I see the fair well-spoken days which has been promoted,
And authority has determined to expose me as a villain,
And my idle pleasures of the days are numbered.

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