A Witty Visit to Guwahati Zoo!

The Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden (popularly known as Guwahati Zoo) is the largest of its kind in the North East region and it is spread across 432 acre (175 hectare). The zoo is located within the Hengrabari Reserved Forest at GuwahatiIndia. The zoo is home to about 895 animals, birds and reptiles representing almost 113 species of animals and birds from around the world.

Over the years, the zoo grew and expanded to accommodate eye-catching exotic ones like chimpanzees, white rhinos & black rhinos, zebras, ostriches and giraffes from Africa; puma, jaguar and llama from South America and kangaroos from Australia. To get these exotic animals the zoo used to send indigenous animals like one horned Indian rhinoceros and others, to many countries. Through later the importance was shifted to indigenous species and several captive breeding programs also started which were successful. In the year 1959 a forest division was created as Assam State Zoo Division and the zoo was put under this division.

The Assam State Zoo also added a museum and in the year 1982 a botanical garden and so Assam State Zoo became The Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden.

In 2002 another 45 hectare area of the Hengrabari Reserve Forests were added to the zoo and thus, the total area of the zoo became 175 hectare and in August, 2005 the Animal Adoption Scheme launched. (Source: Wikipedia)

That Look Means Something – Golden Langur
A Lone Langur
Sambar Deer: I found something! But I forgot what I was looking for!
Old Man Tortoise
Capped Langur 1: Hey, where are you going?
Capped Langur 2: Minding My own business
The Pelican Lunch
One by one
Lost your way haven’t you kiddo?
I am stuffed
Hey! What I am gonna do with the leftovers? Such a waste of food!
Lets have our afternoon nap!
Water Bird Aviary: Thank God! They have finally left us something to eat!
I think… I think… I have lost my way home! Somebody, please help! I am in deep trouble now!
Hiss! When will I get out from this four walled glass?
Black Panther’s day off!
Hippo: I am hungry! Please don’t disturb!
Best Friends: Hog Deer and a Pelican
Hey, where you are you going my friend?
Hello, old Friend! Good to see you again!
Leopard: Zzzzzz
Where are you guys?
Himalayan Black Beer: Is it 12 ‘o’ clock in the morning? I have OVERSLEPT!
Himalayan Griffon Vulture: Why do we look so evil? This is so unfair!
The Bengal Tiger is having a royal nap!
In the jungle, the mighty jungle The lion sleeps tonight!
Brow Antlered Deer : You talking to me? Everybody calls me, Mr. Deer!
A Sweet Harmony

*Source: All the paragraphs in this article are sourced from Wikipedia

*Photographs: All are shot by me as well as the humorous captions too are original which are inspired from pop culture.

* Assam State Zoo: Link – http://www.assamstatezoo.com/


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