Into the Midst of Dawki Lake

Sometimes, if you wander long enough out-of-doors, you look up and find yourself in a suddenly devastating place: on a glittering slab of granite, say, hanging a thousand feet above a mountain lake. –  Anthony Doerr

Dawki or Dauki is a town in West Jaintia Hills districtMeghalayaIndia. It is located on the borders between India and Bangladesh.

Dawki is known for its pristine lush green surroundings, and it is truly a blessing in disguise!  It has served as a trade centre between the two countries for a long time. Dawki is mainly known for coal mines and limestone exports which keep the trade between the two nations.- (Read more at:

Dawki Lake
On the right – Bangladesh Border
Anchor’s Aweigh
Ready for a Journey
A Boat Ride
The Entrance to the Deep Lakes
“Ahoy! Landlubber!”
Innocent or a Mischievous Smile – He actually hit our Boat while rowing!
dawki bridge
Dawki Bridge
A hard day’s labour
A picnic spot from our neighbors
Let the Race Begin
India & Bangladesh
“Now, it is time to go home”
Reminds me of the old Cowboy Western Movies of Clint Eastwood – Looks Deserted
jp 3 entry
We might see a King Kong behind that Rock! I guess!
dawki bridge
Dawki Bridge

6 thoughts on “Into the Midst of Dawki Lake

  1. Your pictures and journey to Meghalaya look really pretty, Even I have been there recently, I wish if you could leave some feedback to my writing and pictures.


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