Where do we keep our hope, my Child?
Where, Dad?

In our superheroes, my Child!
Who are these superheroes, Dad?

Son, our army who protects us,
Our farmers who cultivate our food,
The law enforcers and many others,
Who provides the support.
To keep everything safe and sound!

But people have lost hope, My Child!
Because of the dark times,
People cannot be trusted.
People hate each other.
People kill each other in the name of an ideology!

In the end, somewhere or somehow,
Someone will reveal itself to show a path towards the light!
They are called the Superheroes!
They believe what we as a humanity stand for.
They believe even a simple help to others will bring a smile to anyone!
They can be among us.
They can be anywhere.
They are roaming around like you and me.
But we will never know!
They are the superheroes!

Hiding behind a hood,
To protect us!
But we will never know!
Because they are the superheroes!

*** A small tribute to Unbreakable – ( A superhero movie in hiding)

***SoundtrackUnbreakable theme


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