The Unemployment Disaster

I remember,
When I started to earn,
I was happy!

I remember,
While I was earning,
I was sad too!

My sadness,
Occurred due to conflict,
Between correct and incorrectness!
But that didn’t stop me from losing my hope!
After all, I am a Rebel!

I am a rebel,
Who believes in,
What is right and what is Wrong!

But I have lost my faith in the system,
As it has been declared,
We will not have jobs anymore,
The authority has issued a notification,
For the employees more than Fifty years of age,
Will be laid off from the company!

I have a question for the Authority,
Who abide by this decision,
What will happen to my loans which I need to repay back!
What will happen to my family?

I know we will have compensation,
But that doesn’t mean,
We will receive the compensation,
Anytime soon!

Authority, you are making a huge mistake!
You are making enemies out of your very own countrymen!
This is not the way you win!

If you have to win,
You have to nurture the society with good deeds,
By educating people,
But no propaganda.

If you have to win,
You have to preach people what is right and what is wrong,
Not by changing names!

Authority, I know there are history of crimes,
Committed from all sides of the community,
But there are good people on both sides,
Which you have simply forgotten!

But can’t we all just move on from all past crimes,
And think about rebuilding the society,
With no more hunger,
With no more poverty,
With no more religious conflicts,
Creating educational institutes and Jobs!
If every people have jobs and education,
It will add a value to the economy
And uplift every community!
Wouldn’t that be great!

But the Sad part,
This was never your solution,
Whoever rules,
The simple solutions were not part of your deteriorated mind,
Only the Fire to create problems unnecessarily was your plan,
As Always will,
And Always will be!

Because people like us only die because of your decisions,
We are the casualties of your decision,
But not you or the elite class,
But we die as always as casualties!

Now, I understand,
Why we all lack harmony!
Because we are filled with Fear!
And that leads to suffering!

This is where,
We all lose hope!

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