Interview – A Flash Fiction

Scene: Somresh looks at the interviewer with a nervousness. He asks for a glass of water. He is sweating. The interviewer looks at him with a face of being not satisfied throughout the interview procedure.

Interviewer: So, what do you think?

Somresh finishes his drink of water and keeps the glass on the table. He shakes his head for a moment and feels a bit of relief.

Somresh: It’s good. Yeah… I think… I was good during the process. I am confident.

Interviewer: What makes you think that you are confident enough for this job?

Somresh: I believe in myself!

Interviewer: I see. What else do you believe in?

Somresh (He folds his fingers): I believe in Honesty!

Interviewer: Honesty! I see… Let me check on to something… just before the final interview… we made a background check! Your previous employer was quite dissatisfied with you! So many mistakes… mostly silly mistakes! It will be very difficult for me to hire you!

Somresh (He closes his eyes and looks towards the window and turn back): That is not true… I know, I made some mistakes and I was on my learning stage… and I have learned what I needed. Now, I need to learn more.

Interviewer: You are nervous! Is it because of the pressures of work which you don’t want to do but others want you to do because you have been hired to do what an employee must do!

Somresh: I am not a burden, Sir!

Interviewer: Honestly, your previous company does not agree to your point of view!

Somresh: I… I don’t know what to say!

Interviewer: What is it that you cannot say?

Somresh: Their point of view! It’s difficult. I did my work whatever I was assigned and I fixed it totally.

Interviewer: After that you abandoned them!

Somresh: No sir! I want new challenges! New ways to learn things so that I can survive the very next day!

Interviewer: You were surviving, Mr Somresh! Now, you are jobless! How will you get into this profile you have applied for?

Somresh: My qualifications and experience!

Interviewer: I can scrutinize another 100 with the same qualities and experience! What makes you think you are special?

Somresh: I am not special! I know how to work my things out!

Interviewer: Along with multiple silly mistakes!

Somresh: No, Sir! I won’t! I won’t make a mistake! I promise.

Interviewer: Well… I believe this interview is over!

Somresh looks down. He does not want to accept another rejection. The interviewer leaves the room. He sits there for a minute and opens up his own file and goes through his own resume and tears it into two pieces and leaves the room.

As he leaves, the interviewer was standing near the reception. He was smoking a cigarette. Somresh pass by towards the gate. The interviewer calls him. He turns back and offers him a smoke. Somresh rejects the offer. The interviewer smiles.

Interviewer: Now, I know why the negative feedback! You can’t suite up to your seniors habit!

Somresh: Yeah!

Interviewer: I see! Well… Welcome aboard, my friend! Welcome aboard!

Somresh (with a surprised look): What!

Interviewer: You are selected, buddy! You are selected! We will provide you the details and come tomorrow to clear up all the formalities!

Somresh looks at him but cannot show his gratitude and says, “Thank You”. He turns back. He leaves the floor and goes straight towards the street. He punches on the air out of happiness and finally says to himself, “I did it. I did it. I have finally…” with tears rolling down from his eyes.


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