The Gold Fish – Flash Fiction

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jodi McKinney. Thank you Jodi!

Grandma opens up a packet above the fish bowl and releases the gold fish to the aquarium. She calls out to her granddaughter, “Rina, my child, come here quickly. Look, what I brought for you. Come Dear!”

She goes near to her as Rina is sleeping on the Sofa with all her toys lying scattered around the room. She calls out to her but does not reply. Grandma strokes her head for a time and gets up. She goes near to the living room and picks up the telephone.

Rina, a girl of ten years old, moves a bit as she tightly hugs one of her teddy bear with tears flowing down from her eyes. She hear her Grandma with a raised voice saying, “Both of you don’t have a responsibility to bring up a child. You two can stay apart but at least come…”

Rina gets up from the sofa and goes towards the fish bowl and sees a glimpse of a gold fish hiding inside the shipwreck. She taps on the glass and the fish makes a fast movement and hides again. Rina giggles for a moment. She repeats it again and the result becomes the same. This time Rina claps with excitement.

The sound of excitement makes her Grandma pause on the conversation and she comes out from the living room and sees Rina smiling and playing with the fish. She giggles again. Grandma comes towards her and puts her hand on Rina’s head and both of them share a smile by tapping on the fish bowl. (260 Words)

***written for FFfAW Challenge – 188th

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