Two Operators in the secret Operation Theater room.

“Is it done, yet?”


“Well done!”

“This is evil!”

“I know!”

“But you said, ‘Well done!’ just now.”

“Things are not what they seem to be! I am not happy about it because of my moral obligation as a human!”

“Moral obligation!? That’s what you call it! You made me commit a crime! Don’t you realize that?”

“I realized it when I did it for the first time!”

“You, Sir, completely out of your mind!”

“The society haunts every single damn thing. Even the correct ones they disgrace by this particular certain sections of the society!”

“You say, we do nothing!”

“Our right to stand against the evil deeds has been suppressed by the people which we never name them! That’s what plaguing humanity!”

“I am done with it!”

“I know!”

“You don’t protest! How can you do such a thing? How could you let me do one of your evil deeds dictated by this poisonous society?”

“We have no choice!”

“Choice? You talking about choices? You have the choice to protest but not to follow what others dictate!”

“Society is always on the corrupt ideology. They do things without logic and make murderers out of ordinary men!”

“This logic is distasteful! Even gods won’t forgive us!”

“Yet, out of all your conflict inside in your heart, you killed a female infant which the family never wanted!”

“Women gave us birth, we pray them during our festive times and we as a society so corrupted that we are all here to kill an innocent infant who hasn’t done anything wrong! This is monstrous!”

The second speaker looks at the dead child and breaks down with tears for the moment as he cannot believe himself that he has become a devil who takes away innocent lives.


Pic Courtesy: Sonanki Das‎ World Photographic Forum

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