Every Frame is a Painting

She opens her blurry eyes when the cat, with all her seven pounds of squirming flesh, climbs up onto her belly and peeps into the sunlight coming from the open window, she discovers that she was now the weary possessor of a pounding headache. She moves herself from the bed towards the side drawer, rubs her own head and the cat starts to play with the fur ball. She checks her mobile and then she turns and looks at the couple photograph of herself and her husband on the day of their marriage. She puts the frame of the photograph down. Her cat threw the ball away on the floor and begins to make a noise. She gets annoyed by the noise while reading a text from her mobile.

She starts to think with mobile in one hand and started biting her own nails. Accidentally, she puts her uncut rough unpolished nail directly into her upper layer and she starts to scream out of pain. The cat turns back and with her big eyes she looks at her with horror. She throws away the mobile violently towards the wall. She gets up from the bed. Picks up the mobile and with a brute force she smashes the mobile on the floor. The screen cracks from side to side and display of the device turns off. She is fuming with anger which she rarely shows it to anyone. She pushes it away towards the other end of the floor.

The cat watches her action with fear and silence as she goes towards the bathroom. She opens the door, turns the hot water on, puts some of it into glass, gurgles into her mouth and throws up on the sink. A little stain of blood drops from the mouth. She quickly finds an ointment and puts the gel on her injured toothless area by looking into the mirror. She feels comfort after a few seconds. She puts down the ointment tube on left side of the upper sink of the tab. She looks at herself on the mirror with her reddish eyes.

Her cat enters the bathroom and crawls on her legs. She picks her up into her arms, hugs and kisses. She holds the cat and comes out of the bathroom and walks towards the kitchen. She puts the pet on the floor and opens up the refrigerator and brings out milk which she pours on the bowl and serves it to the cat. The cat licks it quickly. She takes a seat nearby the window. She removes the blinds and looks at the city-scape. She turns back for a moment.
She missed the person she loved the most. She reluctantly returns to her bedroom. The cat follows her quickly and run past her. She sits on the bed.

She closes her eyes with tears and a heavy breath. She removes the blanket and holds on to the pillow tightly into her arms. *************************************************************************************

The colour of the room turns vibrant. Her husband comes to the room with breakfast.

“Come on honey, wake up!”

The wife answers with her sleepy tone, “Honey! Today is Sunday.”

“Well, it’s my duty to make my wife’s favourite breakfast.”

She jumps up quickly and smells the delicious items which her husband brings with the small wooden trolley. She claps, “Yum, Yum, Yum! You are my Princess!”

He moves towards her and puts a kiss on her lips, “And you are beautiful!”

“That, I am always!”

“Yep… well… let’s see… what will you have first… uhm… Let’s start with…”, he picks it up!

“Yes! Yes! Yes! The chocolate!”

She opens her mouth and he puts it into her mouth. “My god! You got Swiss Chocolate for me this time!”

“We have got all the time in the world, my love!”

He picks up a plate of scrambled eggs with cream over it. He pushes it with the spoon and cuts a few pieces and brings it into his wife’s mouth, “Wow! This one is truly wonderful!”

“Well, with a little instinct I put some sauce and cream!” “Have you…?”

“Not yet, honey!”

For the next piece, his wife takes the spoon and brings it into husband’s mouth.

The pillow drops on the floor. The wife sits on the similar position on the bed pretending by holding the spoon without the breakfast trolley, without her husband. The cat jumps on the bed and walks towards her. She ignores the pet and puts and holds on the handle of the bedside drawer.

“Hey, Hey… hold on with the drawer! Let me turn on the video of my mobile.”, the husband brings out his mobile from his pocket.

“Oh! Shekhar!”

He turns on the camera mode and adjusts with the natural light of the room. “Go on, honey! Open it!”

She opens it up. She finds a picture album!

“An album! Now-a-days, who uses album!”, with a little anger and surprise!

“OPEN IT! ” He smiles at her and zooms the expression on her face. He loves her when she gets angry.

She opens up the booklet and looks at the first picture. It is a hand drawn. A little cartoonish! She turns her head up and looks at with anger towards her husband.

“Carry on, Carry on!”, her husband commands her.

She looks at the first frame, “Hey, that’s us! It’s our first date!”

“Yes! Next.”

She looks at the next frame, “Oh my god! It’s us near the park!”



After each frame of the album, her anger turns into smile. She went past every frame of their togetherness, their marriage, their family, their pets, daily lives. Among them there was a drawing when she got scared of thunder lightning and Shekhar took her into his arms and made her believe there is nothing to worry about in the world and some funny moments of drawing the way she eats, or both of them bicycles through the streets or the way he carries the groceries.

She smiles at every frame is a painting presented in the album and turns her head towards Shekhar and says, “This is beautiful! It’s so… who drew all of this! It might have cost a lot of money!”

“Well, not much! It doesn’t matter!”

“But… we have got so many things to pay. Rent, bills, groceries, my root canal treatment!”

“Shush! Shush!”, he switches off the mobile and keeps his arms around over her.

“Honey, I have this dream on my mind for so long to gift such frames of our lives.”

“Well, I…”

“Honey, it’s us! There is nothing to worry! We will have our time! I don’t want to miss all the little moments between us!”

She keeps her head on his shoulder, “Yes, we will! We will!”
“We will!” She starts to cry. She puts her back towards the bedside wall and looks at the album and kneels down her head on her knees on her folded legs.

The cat looks at her and come towards her and makes a noise. She looks at her.

“Where’s Daisy?” She asks her husband.

“Our little Daisy is having her milk! She was annoying a bit!” “Just like you, honey!” She pinches him and bites him on the ears.

“Uff…” her husband shouts and her wife laughs at him!

The cat jumps on the bed quickly after finishing the milk. The husband gets hold of his wife. He comes close and says, “I love you, Nandini!”

“I love you, baby!”

“I want to be with you all the time!”

“Till death do us apart!”
Nandini looks at the last frame of the album with the words, ‘Till death do us apart’ as her cat walks over by it. Nandini gets up from the bed and goes into the bathroom.
“Honey, are you feeling alright, now?”, Shekhar puts her hand on her back to support her.

“It’s paining! I need to floss a little more!”

“But it is of no use. Tomorrow we will go to a doctor! To start the root canal!”

“Agh! It’s shooting pain on my right side! Aghhh…”

“Let me check whether we have any pain killer tablets or not!” “I need the higher dosage!”

Her husband goes through the medicine box. He does not find any pain killers. “We are out of medicine!”

“Go and buy it! I can’t continue till the night like this! I need that stuff!”

Shekhar looks outside the window, “I hope the shops are open! It’s dark out there.”

“Ratan Chacha’s shop will be open across the street!”

“Yeah! Maybe!”

“Come on! Little bit optimistic!”

“I am going!” Husband goes towards the bedroom and picks up the wallet.

“I will come with you!”

“No need! It’s not safe at night at this hour!” and gives her a kiss.

“I will come quickly!”

“And you didn’t”, Nandini looks at the cat.

Nandini brushes her teeth with her finger and the doorbell rings. Daisy is playing with her woollen ball in their bedroom. She says, “My god, Shekhar. What took you so long? It was just a few miles. You left your mobile on the bed! I was so worried!”

She opens up the door. It was Ratan Chacha. It was a shock to her and behind him the security guard of the flat. “Chacha, what happened? Where’s Shekhar?”

“Beti, Shekhar just…”

“What happened? Chacha? What happened? Tell me? Tell me…” “I am sorry. I…”
“Tell me! Tell me!”

“He just bought the medicine and a SUV… car drove past too… Fast and he just got directly hit.”

She cannot breathe! She cannot think! She shouts, “No…. Oh no! God, NO! Please! No! No! It can’t be. He’s alive! I know! Some way! So…”

She runs towards the stairs and shouts, “SHEKHAR! SHEKHAR!”

Ratan Chacha shouts, “Beti! Stop!”

*************************************************************************************Nandini opens up the door. Turns back and looks at Shekhar’s photograph on the wall. A teardrop falls, “I love you!”

She keeps the door open. She walks down the corridor towards the stairs and the cat follows her quickly and catches her. She looks at her pet. Takes the cat into her arms and cuddles the fur and says, “Hey, Daisy! Come we will go and take a drive towards the city to buy you something! We will talk about Shekhar all throughout the day to you!”

She turns back towards their room and she dresses herself up quickly and takes the car key. She looks at the drawer for a few seconds. She puts up the wedding photograph and smiles for a moment on their past time, “You will always be mine.”

Daisy looks at her. Nandini says, “I will tell you about the first time we met. I will tell everything about Shekhar. It was in our college. He was very shy and funny. We were actually on the same bus on our first day at college… He was suddenly looking but did not have the guts to speak… but suddenly we reached out college”

She takes up the car key and room key. She locks the room and takes Daisy into her arms and walks towards a new journey with memories of Shekhar which she will cherish all throughout her life.

The End

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