Few things!

“I wish things were different!”

“Even I wished it to!”

“Well, it’s all gone now! Lost in time!”

“All in the wrong moments!”

“What can I say? Life’s hard, you see!”

“It always is!”

“Not a moment of time to sit, to think but the useless paperwork turned our life into a soaring position from which we failed to return and alas… the pressures of the society!”

“We could have eloped, you know!”

“But what… then!? At that moment, I was jobless! But you were carrying a child!”

“Our child!”

“Yes, our child! My own son!”

“I don’t know where he is! He is hating his own mother, myself! I don’t know what has become of our child!”

“He who cannot be found and he who cannot find the persons who abandoned him!”

“Such a monster we are!”


“And later we got married! You, to the young lady who was half of your age and I, who was double my age! What an irony! Half sides here and half side there! It’s a laugh.”

“You, know I always have this particular thought in my mind, we were all somewhere stuck in between the halves of a society domain from which we failed to escape! We actually, never had an ideology! We always went with the flow.”

“But, we suffered. It broke both of us!”

“Sad part is we cannot forget what we were together!”

“But, that love thing is gone. It’s not present in me! It’s just simply gone!”

“We lost ourselves, the love has eloped us as soon as we abandoned our own child!”

“We were compelled to become criminals if you don’t abide by the law, caste and race!”

“I wish one day where all of us become one. No boundaries. Everybody loves each other!”

“That day is not in the hands of the future. Such impractical!”

“Impracticalities are things which we all think of what we desire!”

“A desire to die, perhaps, my new food for thought.”

“Well, got to go now, my wife will be here soon. And your husband…”

“He will be waiting for me in the café.”

“Well, goodbye to old days!”

“Goodbye, my love!”

“My Love, it’s been a long time. Goodbye and take care!”

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