A young man calls out his Father, “Dad!”

The father wakes up from his small nap and pulls the chair towards his son’s bed, “Yes, my son!”

“How are you, Dad?”

The father touches his son’s forehead and says, “I am fine. Just fine…”
“And mother?”

“She is cooking soup for you. Vegetable soup!”

“Oh!” The young man moves his back towards the bedside wall and says, “Well, I have been giving some thought for a while…”

The father looks at him for a while and asks, “What is it, Ravi?”

“I don’t know how to say but…”
Father has a startle feel and shakes up for a moment.

“I don’t want to live anymore!”

A thousand emotions flows through Father’s mind but cannot say a word.
The young man continues, “It’s been too long, I have been like this. I feel I have become a burden for all of you! You, mother, Ritika! I have been such a burden for last couple of years! It’s like… I cannot bear the pain anymore. IT’S TOO LONG! TOO LONG FOR ME!”

Father keeps his hand on his mouth and his eyes outbursts with tears and says, “I don’t know what to say! I don’t know!”

“Don’t say a word to mom or Ritika!… Please!… Okay! I don’t want to live anymore! Promise me!”

Father foresee his world being tear apart one by one and replies, “Alright!”

“You got to promise me!”
Father cries and nods his head.

The Son hears a footsteps, “Mother’s coming. Not a word about this! And don’t cry!”

Father wipes his eyes and trying to look as much comfortable as he can be. Mother enters the room with a tray and a bowl of soup in it.

Mother asks, “Hello! Everyone! What’s going on? Son, I have cooked your favourite vegetable soup! It will make you much much feel better!”

She arranges the tray on her son’s bed and she sits beside him on the bed and feeds him with her own hand with a spoon, “Wow! Momma!… This is the best soup I have ever had!”

“Who is best the cook in the world, Little One?”

“You are, my mother! Momma is the best cook in the world! No one can Momma’s cooking! Right, Dad!”

Father shakes his head up and says, “Ye… Ye… Yeah! Always… Always…”

Mother asks the son’s father, “What happened, Father? You seemed tensed!”

“It’s…” He looks at his son for a moment and then to his mother, “It’s the tomorrow’s operation! I am worrying about that…”

Mother replies cheerfully, “There is nothing to worry about that! Our son is a brave and strong. He will be cured. This soup will give him strength!” And gives him another sip to drink.

“Yay! Momma! See, I am getting my strength back. I AM SUPERMAN!”

The father smiles at both of them and says, “Yeah! You are! You are! My son is a superman! Brave and strong!”
Father gets up from the chair and walks towards the balcony. He looks back and watches. He does not know what to do! It’s hard for him to differentiate between Joy and Pain.
The promise to his son is tearing his heart apart. This is the last time he will see his son and his wife together with joy and happiness.

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