The Hand of Fate

I am awake late into the night and holding onto the railing of the balcony for quite some time. Now, I see a street dog lying miserably near the gate and drenched due to the rain, and no other soul to be seen. The dog slips on the puddle and hits the lamp post. He barks out and licks his injured area. A heavy gust of wind hits the mango tree in the courtyard. A few twigs fell down from the tree and breaks down slowly by slowly onto the ground. A thunder strikes from a distance and I hear a soft knock at the door. I turn back. The light turns off without any warning.

Another knock. This time a little louder. The door opens with a slow pace. I feel a presence of some unworthy spirit which dare tries to seduce a soul to the path of darkness deed.

The weak crescent moon light falls on the pathway. There is no one to be seen. But a foul breath of death suffocates the environment. Some unworthy spirit’s breath!

The clock moves its hands by making ‘tick-tock’, ‘tick-tock’ sound constantly. The dog barks again out of relief to relieve the cursing loneliness in my room.

I wish I could have run away from everything from the choices of fate. But fate turns a great deal of notion for selection to become the other person we always wanted to be. That other dark and twisted person you become after a certain period of manipulation. But now, I am not only part of it but in the end line. I wish I had a messiah to guide me to leave the path of darkness!

Where is my messiah? Is he the one present in my room, at this hour of loneliness? Is he here to guide from the path of darkness towards truth and justice. He infuses freedom to upset the corrupt order with the chants and prayers of our life.

The moon light flickers towards my small dining round table and I see a chess board with all its pieces being intact to its places. I see a hand covered with white dust as it slowly embraces all the chess pieces together without touching as if every pieces has its own life form. Now, the spirit moves his hand upwards and raises hypnotically with his two fingers and a gesture to come and play the game.

Deep into the luminous path, with fear and wonder, I pull the chair backwards as I sit on it and move forward towards the table opposite to the mysterious spirit. I am seeing things. Things which no mortal has seen before. I am looking at the chessboard. And then I turn my head towards the mysterious hand. But I cannot see the face or the body who is sitting opposite on the other side. The simian darkness, I believe.

I am looking at the chess board as I have been set to play the white pieces. Then he points his finger to commence the play. I pull my hand up above the board. I fist my hand for a moment of nervousness and I took the first step to move with a deep breathe. I initiate the game by playing the White Knight first from the right. The Dusty White Hand makes his first move on the black pieces. The Black Knight on the opposite direction. Next the third White Pawn from the right. Mine the second black pawn from the left.

How many times the clock ticked or ticking still but our game never ends! With every breath of mine I feel the fear of justice. But the mysterious hand never sweats, never feels tired. I hear the rustling of the lone mango tree in the courtyard violently with the twigs and leaves.

The game has turned its twenty-seventh move as my king hides near the left corner with a pawn above, two other pawns on to its left, behind the king is the rook and a close ally of the king’s white knight is waiting. I try to raise my defenses with my bishop but no with no avail. The enemy is trying to clutch over all my pieces. The black knight takes over one of my pawns with a masterly move.

I am losing this game. This game of chess where you play with logic but my mind is blocked by incoherent thoughts. This is a game where you cannot manipulate a thing. I have playing it for long enough! After all this years, this confounding game of chess is making me to take every wrong steps so that my enemies can take a glass of wine to laugh at me.

The mysterious hand makes a turn. I hear sound of the injured dog barks continuously into this madly darkness. The mango tree rustles heavily and falls nearly to my balcony with its shadow over my building. The moonlight gets blocked by such an unusual behavior of nature.

Each and every material position of my life is trying to gain a life form. Bleeding with blood and turning into green with a glow which you can see in the dark. I hear the sound of my award shelf which is shaking heavily on the verge of a breakdown. The hand makes a quite move as he calmly takes over my Rook with a simple blow from the top and my white queen shamelessly betrays me and stays at the enemy pieces. I cannot make her move to turn on my side. That piece has blocked into one corner of the board. I want to kill the black rook but with no possible movement. They are not playing the Fair Game by infusing witchcraft. Once my queen was on my side but now her betrayal will cost a fortune of me. She was the strongest. She was the pillar of the king. But what does a king can do without a queen who the king always adores and loves. My king moves haphazardly without any guidance. She does not laugh but cries. She loved him once but betrayal for something better, something hopeful for the common citizen made the situation more complex.

Now, on the forty – first move, the white king is being surrounded and callously defeated by the Rook, the Black Knight and the Bishop. The hand stands still in the victorious moment. The chess board shakes up heavily and it cracks from side to side and explodes. The award shelf breaks down and the glasses flyover me as I have been pulled out by a force towards the wall on the large hanging mirror which stabs me from back. The blood of mine drips into every shattered glasses and the mirror as I fall on the floor with a slow pain. The dog halts its bark. I have my breath unto the strange occurrences of the night.

I stand up on my own feet and try to pull out the glasses inside me. I turn my head up. I do not see the hand of death. He vanished. The game reminds of my very own life. I was once an ethical person but the bureaucratic nature of the work and ethics destroyed my life. But for the love of money I took the side which I would never dreamed of having to aspire. My loved ones left me, disgraced me all the way around. My wife shook hands with the law enforcers to strip me down from the position which I have earned.

Nevertheless, the greedy nature of my life is made me earn everything but I have lost everything. Everything I have earned so dearly. All into oblivion. This gambling of things, to gamble every single thing of my life was the worst a man can take. I hear a sound. The dog. The same dog. I see him as the mango tree moves away from the moonlight. Growling towards me and suddenly, jumps over me. But I hit the dog back and he falls over the glasses. But, he does not feel the pain. I start to run quickly near to the door and finally I am out of it. I took the stairs but turning into kaleidoscopic view of everything with illusions of dilemma. The dog advances towards me with anger. He wants me to die. I remember, as I was once charged with a hit and run case against a domestic dog for which I sued the pet’s owner unnecessarily. The owner was a very poor one but I was shameless and powerful at the same time.

I am running hard into the illusions with never ending steps as if someone just pushing me harder towards the end. With a relief, I reach the final stair step. The main gate opens automatically to pave the way for my escape. I am on the street. The streets are filled with puddles. I turn back a moment as I see the approaching me to hunt me down like his feast of revenge. In that distraction, I slipped on the puddle and I hit myself under the lamp post. It pains me. Pains me to hell. So many glasses in my body. I start to remove them one by one. But the dog is nowhere to be seen. To balance myself to stand up, I clasp the handle of the lamp post. Then, a thunder lightning hits the lamp and electrocutes me into the thin air as I swing up near to the mango tree like a ball of fire which starts the fire in the courtyard.

My soul has been seized by the same hand as he writes down my entire life punishment which one cannot prevent. I made my entrance to hell where the devil waits for me to announce the desecrator of truth and justice one by one. In the end, the Hand of Death claps for me menacingly as I lose my breath out of madness which never ends!


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