Devil’s Last Breathe

Scene: Devil sits near the fire of death surrounded by rocks. God approaches with a  solution.  Devil  bleeds. God  waits  for  the  Devil  to  stand  up  and  to  give  one master stroke which will end all the conflict that has been arisen since the dawn of life. Devil crawls towards the Almighty.

Devil: Why the conflict, Almighty?

God: The course of the situation led by your treacherous path.

Devil: Is it?

God: Justice cannot be denied. You destroyed the truth, harmony and the bond that made us one.

Devil: Is one enough?

God: Yes.

Devil: You are hysterical and adamant. I, on the other hand, searched for the meaning of life. You outcast me as the destructive force in the council. But life evolves.

God: It evolves. But not the treacherous way you wanted. We need to educate them the path of morality not the path of your devilish ways.

Devil: Then where is freedom in that?

God: Freedom to learn about Truth, Justice and Honour! That’s what life is!

Devil: Tut! Tut! Tut!

God: You were my favourite protégé. How come thouself seduced thee to the devilish side?

Devil: I saw the injustice you made to your own son. I wanted to observe the way you just fell into my own devilish ways, Almighty.

God: You destroyed him.

Devil:  No,  you  destroyed  him.  He  was  never  the  bright  one  which  always haunted you the most! As he had the human blood!

God: Humans are weak! Yet, I loved my son the most.

Devil: No. No. No. You adopted me. As I am a pure blood.

The almighty looks at him. He is shaken up. The truth always has its ways.

Devil: I am the son whom you wanted the most. You wished your own son to be powerful like me but unfortunately he is foolish to initiate the rebellion.

God: You destroyed everything we held dear so close together!

Devil: It’s just me and you! You avoid the flaws. I accept the flaws of nature.

God: We control the forces of nature!

Devil: We don’t. Our creation has its flaws and it deviates for beautiful deaths and creations for a new era.

God: Why are you doing this?

Devil: Why did you build weapons of mass destruction?

God: Protection against unknown forces!

Devil:  Correction!  Protection against  the  inevitable  outcome  of  your  own creation. So that you can wipe out your own mistakes, Almighty!

God: It was never meant to be used!

Devil: And you used it which killed your own son in the rebellion.

God:  I…

Devil: I am not the monster. The flaws of the council ways made me, the monster.

God: I shouldn’t have trusted you in the first place.

Devil: That wouldn’t have mattered. Because you never noticed your followers being upset about you all the time. So, the rebellion was inevitable.

God: How can I be so blindfolded?

Devil: Justice always hangs in between the blindfoldedness.

God: Is it that complex?

Devil: Never. Only the blindfolded guidelines makes it more complex.

God: Guidelines is the way for honour not destruction.

Devil: All that matters is a certain point of view.

God: Just a certain point of view?

Devil: Always!

God: Never! (All the lightning forms for attack from the clouds) Devil: Always! (Forms the Wind of Dirt and Fire from the ground) God: Never!

Both Strikes at each other and there is an explosion which forms a mushroom cloud  in  the  darkness  which  evaporates  from  the  ground  into  the  thick poisonous air.

No one knows what happens to the Almighty and the Devil. All that remains is the rugged scriptures of documents to create our very own certain point of view of life.  This  battle  is  a  fictional  version  of  the  allegorical  situation  of human life. We still question what is good or bad for us? This never ending question   did   not   have   the   required   solution.  Only life   just   moved   on. Sometimes with happiness, sadness, destruction and creation at the end.

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