Point of No Return – One Act Play

Scene: A woman in her late twenties walks around the path with help of a cane by knocking at the pavement. She is blind. Her friend assists her by holding her hand. She holds his hand for support. They reach near the apartment. They move forward towards the lift. Her friend opens up the collapsible gate and make Nandini move inside the lift.

Nandini: Sohom! Do you have to go?

Sohom: I have to!

Nandini: Can’t you just stay for another few days with me?

Sohom: I want to… but this job of mine… I have to meet this client. It’s important…

Sohom closes the gate and press the button for the second floor. Sohom looks at her playful blind face with a guilt feeling. They reach the floor and Nandini opens up the gate.

Sohom: I told you before, not to do things on your own.

Nandini (laughs): You know, I know the pathway very well. I remember things.

Sohom: You haven’t changed yourself a bit.

Nandini: Except I am blind now… but don’t you remember how I used to play being blind folded all the time still catch you.

Sohom: I do… but somehow the memory fades…

Sohom with a feeling of disgust.

Nandini: What happened?

Sohom: Nothing.

Nandini: Say.

Sohom: Let’s go.

Both of them walks towards the door. Nandini takes out the room key and keeps the cane on the wall. She tries to find the keyhole.

Nandini: I find it funny when I search to put the key into the lock and you stand beside me.

Sohom does not gives a response. Looks at her for a moment.

Nandini: Why all the silences? Can’t you just talk a little more to me? My nurse is not here today! We are free for the night.

She opens the door and switches on the light. She picks up her cane holds Nandini’s hand and help her to sit on the sofa. Puts the cane near the table with the photograph.

Sohom makes a round in the sofa. Looks at the photograph on the table. The couple photograph. He takes a turn towards the wall. A reward received from the Government for great service to the society. He turns back and comes back to Nandini.

Sohom: You need something to eat?

Nandini: Just sit beside me!

Sohom holds Nandini’s hand. Nandini feels the warmth. His mobile rings for the moment and then he put the cellphone into silent. He does not pick up. He looks at Nandini.

Nandini ( with a tone of disgust): From the client again..

Sohom (He sits beside Nandini): Yeah.

Nandini: You know, after all this years, I never believed we will be together again!

Sohom: Sometimes, life doesn’t go as you planned.

Nandini(She talks on her own by moving her head backwards to remember the past) : First my car accident, then my husband… being shot …and …killed in the mall by a group … it’s maybe those people… he found out some incriminating details…. which we will be going for a hearing. But, things are changing. We will have another hearing, next month. Join me and be part of it.

Sohom: Let’s see… maybe I will come that time… but not sure about my new job.

He looks at her with a feeling of warmth towards her. Yet, he turns back.

Nandini: I used to have this dream about someone with whom I can stay and can speak to all night. It was you all the time. It was you, even after getting married and loving my husband, but my soul always belonged to you.

Sohom: I know.

Nandini: Why did you leave me when I needed you the most?

Sohom: I was afraid.

Nandini: What were you afraid of? Afraid of commitment!… Is that what you want to say?

Sohom: Maybe…

Nandini: I don’t believe it. What is so wrong with you?

Sohom: I needed focus. My career…

Nandini: Hah! The so called career of…(stops) Travelling Salesman…

Sohom: That’s my living, now.

Nandini: We could have been together! We were together. Even our distance didn’t matter. But you suddenly stripped of every correspondence we had together. I supported you and wanted to support you all throughout. But unfortunately, your mind wasn’t there for me. But there is something in your heart. That’s why you care for me. That is why you have come back after all this time.

Sohom: Nandini, Please!

Nandini: I understand! I understand, why! You don’t have the feelings because I have become so blinded and so deformed to put a lock into your heart to become expressionless. Am I such a handicap?

Sohom tries hard to control his emotion. Nandini leaves Sohom’s hand. She wipes her tears for the moment and tries to look at Sohom. She looks into the wrong direction. Sohom distances himself for a moment.

Nandini: Fine! I won’t convince you anymore.

Nandini gets up and picks up the cane.

Sohom: What are you doing?

Sohom tries to hold her hand. Nandini frees herself with force.

Nandini: I can take care of myself. I am going to my bedroom!

Nandini goes by herself towards her bedroom and closes the door. She walks slowly towards the bed and sleeps with tears and clutches the bed sheet and her pillow with sadness.

Sohom closes his own eyes for the moment.

Sohom (whispers): I am sorry, Nandini.

He looks at the couple photograph. Closes his eyes. He picks up his mobile from his pocket. He looks at the number of missed calls. Five. He looks at the messages. Few of them. “The pickup is ready.” “Reach your destination by afternoon.”

He gets up from the sofa. He turns back towards the loft. He takes the ladder. Reaches the height. Pulls a briefcase. Opens it. He picks out his gun. He knows what has to be done. There is no choice. He feels it himself. It is heavy. The bullets are already loaded. He waits for the time. He takes his own time.

He goes near to the bedroom door. He keeps his ears on the door. No movement. He opens it silently. She is sleeping. Sohom feels sorry. He comes forward. He has reached a point of no return. He points the gun towards her head. He opens up the safety catch.

Sohom: I am sorry, Nandini. Please forgive me!

Sohom closes his eyes.


Time passed. Sohom waits for the car to pick him up from a long distance from the apartment in an isolated place. He looks at the vehicle approaching him. He goes nearer. He gets inside on the front seat.

Driver: Is she dead?

Sohom points the gun at him shoots the driver on his head and dead. Blood has been splashed all over. He opens the driver’s door and pushes the dead body in the sidewalk. The body drops off. A group of dogs approaching in the dark alley. He does not have much time. He starts the engine.


Nandini’s Bedroom. Nandini is sitting on her bed. Sohom comes back again after driving the car from the isolated place.

Sohom: Nandini, let’s go. We haven’t got much time left. We have to get out from the city immediately. I will take you to a safe place. There won’t be anyone to harm you.

Nandini: Thank you for sparing my life! You just…

Sohom: Enough talking. Let’s go!

Nandini: Tell me…

Sohom: Yes, I love you, Dammit! (Sohom takes a breath.)

Nandini follows his voice and looks at him with her blindness. But the words did not affect her.

Sohom(continues): They will come and kill us all like the way they killed your husband! They wanted you to be dead! They don’t know who I am actually! Only you know, now!

Nandini: What about the hearing?

Sohom: There won’t be any hearing. These are very dangerous people.

Nandini: My nurse? Where is she!

Sohom: She’s dead.

Sohom holds Nandini’s hand and they reach the lift quickly. They get inside the lift. Sohom presses the ground floor button.

Nandini: How can I trust you?

Sohom: Do you believe me?

Nandini: You are not the same person anymore.

Nandini leaves Sohom’s hand. Sohom looks at her with confusion.

Nandini: I don’t trust you. You got your tricks and treachery.

Sohom: We have to run.

Nandini: But I won’t.

Sohom: Nandini, please. You got to make a choice.

Nandini: Either way I will be dead. But I will take a stand against them. My husband’s legacy must be kept alive.

The lift reaches ground floor. Sohom looks at her with frustration. Nandini uncomfortably holds her cane. Both undecided on a point of no return which path to take.


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