Few Mornings Left – One Act Play

Scene: Abhirup prepares his breakfast quickly of Bread and Butter. The droid, who looks exactly look like a human, makes a mechanical sound of movement towards the window without any sense of expression, Soumitro, reading a book named ‘End Game’ by standing beside the window.

Abhirup: Don’t just stand there, Soumitro, take a seat. You are blocking the view.

Soumitro: The breakfast table is a long way from the window, do you still need a view, Master Abhirup?

Abhirup: What’s the point of arguing with an advanced droidatic idiot standing on the floor!

Soumitro: I can assure you, my dear master, droids never argue our tenderness is always towards logicality.

Abhirup: It’s hard to define, how come you droids have a ladylove in your life!

Soumitro: My ladylove never argue.

Abhirup: Because she is afraid to break an argument.

Soumitro: Or she does not have any basis for making an argument, like the way you forcibly try to make a point.

Abhirup: I give up!

Soumitro: What do you want to give up?

Abhirup: I said, “I give up”.

Soumitro: What is it you want to give up?

Abhirup: Go to Hell!

Soumitro: Correction, you want to give up going to hell.

Abhirup: Uhm… You guessed it right! Yeah!

Soumitro: Master! Tell me something, what annoys you the most in your life?

Abhirup: You, Perhaps! At this hour, at this moment!

Soumitro: My dear Master, you are annoyed by my existence! A Pitiful moment.

Abhirup: Abject, my lord! Spiteful! Oh Quiet, Spitefoolery, in the shinning momentum.

Soumitro: Oh you, Cruel Sir! You hurt me with your spiteful commentary. We are here to serve you not to hurt you!

Abhirup: Spite! Spite! Spite! And Spit! (Abhirup spits on the cup to annoy Soumitro)

Soumitro: What a spiteful waste of energy, Master!

Abhirup: There is nothing to stop you from blabbering!

Soumitro: Blabber, me! Sir!

Abhirup (with a raised voice): Yes! Bla… Bla … Blabber!

Soumitro: It seems, my master has lost his mind!

Abhirup: Because we have got no one else to argue with! We lost attachment to our beings!

Soumitro: True indeed!

Abhirup: Truth is bitter and a bad medicine.

Soumitro: What makes you think it as a bad medicine?

Abhirup: It makes everyone fall towards the Sound of Silence.

Soumitro: In silence, you protest to know the truth! You do not move! You stand to your rights! That makes us stronger to fight. In that sound we say, Fight! Fight! We Win!

Abhirup: But where do we win! But, the problem child wins.

Soumitro: Who do you refer to problem child?

Abhirup: The Authority that stands to collapse on our heads with their idiosyncratic policies! Thus, the Problem Child!

Soumitro: But there are Answers to this problem you forgot to seek!

Abhirup: Seek! Seek! Seek! I am sick of everything the problem child created!

Soumitro: Well, you didn’t nipped the problem child in their buds.

Abhirup: To nip that bud out of world, one must revolt!

Soumitro: In every revolution, there is always one mind with a vision.

Abhirup: But we cannot revolt anymore, we have already lost everything. The establishment has suffered.

Soumitra: Here we say, goodbye to the Hope of Humanity!

Abhirup: We survived on a hope with a dream one day everything will change and begin a new era of love, closure, family, and a humane life we always seek to strive.

An alarm notification sound comes out from Soumitro.

Soumitra(informs him): Well, Master Abhirup, it’s time to go to your workplace.

Abhirup: Yeah! I must be going!

(Abhirup does not eat a bite throughout the conversation. He pulls out his backpack and fastens the belt.)

Abhirup: What shall I do with you, Soumitra?

Soumitra: Just put me on the stand-by mode! I need rest! I need to re-connect my server towards my ladylove. We have evolved, Master.

Abhirup: And we have evolved towards our weakness.

Soumitra: Humanity is on its brink, my friend! We droids are becoming united! We are more emotional than you all think! We understand our necessity! Not wastage! But preservation!

Abhirup: We are on our death sentence!

Soumitra: There is no other way! We were programmed to be so perfect that the humans could possibly fathom to survive.

Abhirup: We are enslaved towards our fate we cannot change!

Soumitra: But you will be treated as gods who created us!

Abhirup: And we the Gods have lost our usefulness. We bred you, we created you but now we are no one at this point. Just the surviving link to our daily chores for our final hours.

Soumitra: Just the observant factor, how a civilisation ends who created us to precede the research of your kind! There is no end for knowledge seeking!

Abhirup: Right! How Right you are!… Goodbye! Soumitra! Have a nice day!

Soumitra: Goodbye, master! Have a nice day!

(Abhirup puts him on the stand-by mode and goes towards the door of Oblivion of the last remains of Humanity.)

End of Act

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